About Us

At Advanced Homoeo Clinic (AHC), we believe in Homoeopathy as a Holistic medicine which is the need of time where all the non haboutus1olistic treatment methods have been proved practically inefficient. Disease actually is aninternal unhealthy process and parts are involved later. Treating the organ involved often leaves the internal disease process untreated and often leads to partial relief and future dangerous complications. Also the dreadful complications of medicines make the life miserable and critical. The ever increasing cost of treatment is another major concern.We at AHC attempt to go deeper into the roots of illness and annihilate the disease to restore normal health. By this method there is a promising ray of hope in almost all the Incurable and Hopelessdiseases which are labeled as which needs lifelong medicines without cure. Such in depth approach needs more than suppressive and palliative medicines to regain lost health. We understand that the real cure brings real joy – both to the patient and to the doctor. We work with our patients as a team to lead them to a better health and more happiness.

We have successfully treated large number of chronic cases like asthma, rheumatism, hypertension, diabetes, HIV and Cancer. The results are very encouraging especially in Incurable diseases where nothing gives hope and one is forced to take increasing number of medicines for whole life. We have found that even in terminal cases of cancer or any other critical illness homoeopathy can give a better hopeful resultsand will ensure a quality life for them. There is an excellent success rate in these incurable diseases and all our patients have expressed their satisfaction in our method of approach and treatment. We would also like to thank everyone who have supported and helped us in reaching to this level of service to sick humanity.

At Advanced Homoeo Clinic (AHC), our team focus on working with patients to restore their health. The initial consultation can last anywhere between 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending upon the nature of the case. The treatment is done using the standard protocols of Scientific Homoeopathy.