Case of Calcaneal Spur

Mrs. R.M, age 35 years, presented on 28th Feb 2008, at Life Force with the complaint of pain in right foot and left heel since one year. She was suggested and X-rays and was thus diagnosed having Calcaneal Spur.

She had pain, tingling, numbness more in left heel than right foot everyday with swelling and burning sensation. She was on regular analgesics. She also developed gastritis due to frequent use of pain killers.

She also complained of Chronic Constipation and bleeding piles since 15 years. Her stools were dry, hard, and unsatisfactory without laxatives.

She was also suffering from obesity, fungal infection, and frequent vicinities.

Case was studied in detail; following evaluation was done as was loquacious, strained relation with husband, short tempered, lack of emotional support, aversion to sex. There were further problem with her in-laws, suffering from depression, excessive appetite, excessive thirst, lethargy, craving potatoes, excessive perspiration, sensitivity to colds, irregular menses.

Studied case in detail and prescribed a patented medicine along with some doses of xxx 200c, in varying dose schedule.

In two months, her pain and numbness was better 50%. He constipation and fungal infection also improved. She improved by over 90% in about five months time. The patient reported complete recovery and had no relapse when she reported to the clinic in July, 2009, for the treatment of her child.