Case of Hepatitis-B

44 years old patient, Mr. S.D reported to us for complaints of Hepatitis B since 2 weeks. He had been detected to have Hepatitis B on routine investigations about 2 weeks before he reported to our clinic. He did not have any complaints pertaining to the same and was in good health otherwise. He had history of some dental surgery in the past. He was not on any treatment for the same.

He was a known hypertensive since 3 years and was on regular anti-hypertensive medication for this. He would develop retrosternal burning (hyperacidity) and flatulence on and off since 4 years. He also had mild hearing loss in the left ear since childhood.

He was a patient with a normal build and average appetite. He had liking for sweets and spicy foods. His sweat would stain the garments yellowish. His sleep was sound and dreams would generally be unremembered.

He worked as a technician in a gas company and his family included his wife and 2 children. He described his nature to be calm and understanding. He would not get angered easily. He had history of some stress related to the job for the past few months. He was also worried about losing his job on account of being diagnosed with Hepatitis B. He was also slightly depressed due to the same. He was a very sentimental person and would occasionally weep on account of this. He described his nature as being helpful to others.

He had history of typhoid about 21 years ago and jaundice in childhood; apart from this there was no history of any other major illness in the past. There was no history of any significant illness in the family either.

On investigating his HBsAg was found to be positive. HBsAg was negative and Anti HBe was positive. IgM HBc was negative, Total Anti HBc was positive. His liver biopsy histopathology report indicated mild fibrosis. His Hepatitis B genotype was ‘D’. His HBV viral load was 8, 63, 908 copies/ml in July 2005 i.e. at the start of the Homoeopathic treatment. His liver function tests and abdominal Ultrasonography were normal. All these reports indicated asymptomatic Chronic Hepatitis B infection.

Based on the above history, he was prescribed xxxx 200 along with another remedy that has been developed at Life-force for the treatment of Hepatitis B. He took this medication regularly for about 7 months and at the end of this period, his viral load was checked again. This time the viral load had come down significantly as compared to the previous reading before starting the treatment. His reports have been tabulated below:

Date    Viral Load

Before Treatment (16/07/05)            8, 63, 908 copies/ml

After Treatment (27/02/06)   2, 01, 000 copies/ml

This demonstrates a decline in the viral load to almost one fourth of the original reading within just 7 months of Homoeopathic treatment. The patient was asymptomatic and hence there were no other parameters to be judged. He was glad about this improvement and his treatment was continued further as these types of cases are required to have a long-term follow up.

This case illustrates for us the fact that Homoeopathy has good scope in the treatment of diseases like Hepatitis B and that too without any kind of side-effects. The treatment has to be continued for a long term and the patient has to be prepared for the same.