Obesity (Fatness)

What is Obesity:-

You will gain weight if you consume more calories than you burn.

An overweight or obese adult is determined by body mass index (BMI) which is defined as follows: Weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters or as weight in pounds multiplied by 705 and then divided twice by height in inches.

A BMI of between 25 and 29.9 indicates that an individual is overweight, whereas an obese adult has a BMI of 30 or higher.

Another way to determine obesity is that if you are weighing 20% more than your ideal body weight, you are considered obese or overweight. Your ideal weight is based on age and gender.

Obesity is fast becoming a major cause of disease and death like cigarette smoking. Almost 25% of Americans are obese. The other countries are also showing increase in obese people. In India there is overall increase in number of obese people but especially it is more common in northern parts of India.

Weight gain after pregnancy has become very common these days. Apart from physiological reasons, this weight gain may be due to thyroid dysfunciton, birth control pills, stress and so on. Stress releases some hormones in the body which lead to weight gain. Sometimes, allopathic drugs such as anti depressants and anti psychotic drugs are given for depression after pregnancy, which can lead to further weight gain.

There are a lot of treatment options and remedies available in the market for obesity. But almost all of them are associated with serious side effects and toxicity except homoeopathy. And mind you side effects of drugs kills more people in United States than road accidents.

                The choice of remedy depends upon the complete case history of the patient. This is very unique to homoeopathy. A remedy is tailormade for a particular patient not like other therapies where all are given the same drug may be having different trade names. This is the reason that homoeopathy is free from side effects whereas other therapies have toxic effects on a person.

For example, Fucus vesiculosus is chose by a homoeopath when the patient also has thyroid problem and is constipated. It is also helpful in burning up the fat tissues. Phytolacca berry is chosen when we have to increase the metabolic rate. A homoeopath may choose Calcarea carbonicum if the patient is fair, fatty and flabby with depression and constipation. So, in homoeopathy the choice of remedy depends upon the complete symptomatology of the patient.

In my medical practice I use the homoeopathic program for obesity or weight management given by Dr. Richard Clement, MD, with some changes to suit my individual patients. This program consists of 4 Cs – Change, Control, Cleanse, Caloric Reduction.

Change: Use smaller plates, eat with the non dominant hand i.e. if you are a right-handed person you should eat with left hand and vice versa, do not read or watch TV while eating, chew every bite twenty times.

Control: The right remedy with a help of a professional homoeopath to control obesity.

Cleanse: Drink lots of water. Exercise atleast 45 minutes daily; any type of exercise would do; it may be walking, jogging, playing a sport, anything. Your homoeopath may add remedies for liver and kidney elimination. All the above mobilize the accumulated toxic substances in the body to be washed away.

Caloric Reduction: Eat lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits with high fibre content and low calories and sugar.

The above obesity treatment program has given me amazing results in patients who are committed and follow the instructions and remedies given.

Thus, homoeopathy offers a safe, long lasting and holistic solution for fat loss in obese people. The remedies are composed of natural elements in minuscule doses with absolutely no side effects. In dealing with the problem, it goes to the very root of it, is gentle on the body and takes into account the emotional and psychological aspects of a patient

International research shows that homoeopathic medicines are extremely effective in reducing weight and offer fast weight loss as they help to burn calories faster by speeding up the metabolic rate.

As most people are now aware, losing weight is no longer about looking good but being healthy. Homoeopathy helps in doing so safely, surely and systematically so that the weight that comes off stays off.


  • Poor diet.
  • Diabetes.
  • Thyroid disorders.
  • Heredity.
  • Insufficient exercise.
  • Sedantary lifestyle like watching TV.
  • Smoking.
  • Drinking alcohol.
  • Certain drugs like estrogens, progestins, insulin and steroids have weight gain as their side effect.
  • Dangers Top
  • Enlargement of liver due to high fat content.
  • Extra weight puts a lot of pressure on heart and peripheral vascular system and usually lead to high blood pressure and heart disease.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus can be triggered by even moderate rise in fat.

Colorectal cancer and breast cancer has been associated with obese people.

Respiratory problems are also aggravated by excessive weight gain.

Consult a Doctor if

your obesity is associated with menstrual troubles, drop in libido or male pattern hair distribution.

Diet, Nutrition & Prevention

One should eat 3 or 4 moderate meals per day and day meal should be the main because if the dinner is heavy it would be less easily absorbed and digested.

Diets are actually not recommended because then you have to fast or deprive yourself which would eventually make you unhealthy and you would gain more weight than before afterwards.

You must not reward yourself with food.

High-fibre and low-fat diet is recommended. It should be a balanced diet with complex carbohydrates such as pasta and potatoes, chicken, fish, plenty of vegetables and fruits.

Sedantary habits like watching TV should be abandoned.

Start playing some sport or have some regular exercise routine.

Drink lots of water atleast 10 glasses per day instead of soft drinks and juices.

Stop smoking because it affects the storge of fat leading to more deposition in the waist area.

Alcohol should be moderate.